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Art students can take their art talent and turn it into a career in the graphic arts field. Graphic designers are needed in all types of media these days, and there is no reason to believe that is going to change. There are plenty of options at vocational institutes and four-year colleges. See more here.

Besides Chicago, there are plenty of other good college towns. Lots of young students like to leave home and attend college in Colorado because of the outdoor recreation opportunities and casual, fun atmosphere some of the colleges there provide.

And in the state of Virginia, maybe you can't afford tuition at The University of Richmond, but there are other good colleges you can apply to.

And the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul are home to several good private schools, as well as the huge University of Minnesota. If a four-year degree isn't in your future, perhaps a short, intense career training program, such as a chef training class might be of interest to you.

A popular career choice for many women is in the area of legal assistants, either as a legal secretary or as a paralegal. Paralegals do much of the work in a typical law office. They are often assigned to work with a couple of attorneys in their legal specialty. A legal secretary normally works for one lawyer, handling his phone calls, meeting note taking, scheduling, letter writing and anything else that comes up.


Additional class options and investigate degree programs in career fields such as management, music, fine arts, health care and others.
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