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You don't have to be a resident of Indiana to enroll in an online school based out of Indiana. Most distant learning colleges offer their courses to students of other states.

Portland, Eugene and Corvallis are the cities where most of Oregon's colleges are located. Western Oregon features mild, although usually wet, school seasons and plenty of outdoor activities.

Earning your associate diploma may be the answer. Lots of community colleges, technical institutes, and trade schools offer one and two-year degree programs with online courses. Check out some articles.

Two of the best career fields to get into are technology and business. Information technology graduates are always in demand by employers because almost every business, organization or institution relies on their computer system to help manage their operations.

Business graduates have it a little harder. While many of the positions in business are filled by employees with a business degree, having an undergraduate degree in business often isn't enough. Many job-seekers need to have some solid experience or be working towards a master's degree in business.


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